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There are many reasons why people decide to partake in team sports and primarily the social aspect is the biggest advantage whatever age or ability you are. However, for females it can often be a territory untouched because of the stereotypical labels associated with the sport.

Here is our take on why joining a team is a must.

Whether aged 4, 16 or 40 joining a team will be sure to challenge you both physically and mentally but the social advantage will be carried throughout all aspects of life. It takes 11 players on a field to work together to achieve the ultimate goal of winning, yet there are those off the field that often make up a team of up to 20 players. These people, week in, week out turn up to benefit those around them and it becomes very much like an extended family with friendships sparking that extend further than the confines of the football pitch.

You will have these friends as you progress where one day you will reminisce the passion and love for the beautiful game; you’ll remember the blood, sweat and tears that the game provided creating memories forever. You’ll laugh about that missed goal or that time you and the referee disagreed, but you’ll celebrate the 30-yard free kick that saw you win 2-1 or the penalty save that ensured you won the final.

There are many options for those wishing to take up or rekindle their passion for the sport, and it does not have to be competitively or 11-a-side. Here at Female Football Fives the small sided game can offer an opportunity for a completely pressure free environment. This is completely accessible for all whether that be those new to football or someone looking to return to the game all for the love of fun, friends and fitness. These options allow a complete safe, all-inclusive environment without the constraints the competitive game has including the huge commitment it requires which cannot facilitate the requirements of everyone.

The people you come across in the footballing environment are from all aspects of life, this socialisation with a different people can ultimately allow you to learn about different cultures and gain experiences that would not happen outside of this environment.
Football is very much more than a game, it can become an influential part of the foundations in life through the learnt behaviours of teamwork, co-ordination and problem solving. Social events that stretch beyond the training field should be encouraged. A team that are connected deeper than merely a teammate will result in the players more willing to work on the pitch, ultimately successful for all involved.
Overall, the social benefits for all ages and abilities involved within football far outweigh that of any negativity and joining a team recreationally or competitively will set up connections for life. Female Football Fives remove the barriers of participation so you can love the game for all the right reasons.

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